June 16, 2024

Steps of Getting Dreadlocks Using Natural Hair

There are methods you can use when learning how to make natural dreadlocks.  All the types of hair can form dreadlocks, it is just a matter of how long it takes and how they are manipulated to encourage the locking process.

It is important to know which method is good for you when making dreadlocks.  Dreadlocks need patience as they take time to form. Here are the basic steps of getting dreadlocks using natural hair. This requires a lot of time so make sure that you stop playing https://www.casinojokaclub.info/fr online casino games and concentrate fully on this.

Allow Your Hair to Grow At Least Two to Three Inches  More

Let your hair grow out naturally during this step. The more hair you have to work within its natural state, the easier it will be to start your locks off and the straighter your hair is, the more it shrinks when you create starter locks.

Decide On How Thick You Want Your Dreadlocks To Be

This is a matter of style preference. You need to pick out some images with dreadlocks that you admire and examine their size. Keep in mind that if you let your hair grow bigger, you can achieve larger sections.

Wash Your Hair with Shampoo

The first thing you need to do when you are making dreadlocks is washing your hair with shampoo.   You may need to wash it twice to make sure that you get your hair clean.  In this step, it is not that important to completely dry your hair. Your hair should be divided into sections, and it becomes much easier to work with it.

Part Your Sections and Keep them Consistent

A pattern that varies from row to row is created and it is convenient in this step.  During this step, a long-ended rat tail comb is used and this allows more ability in styling once your dreadlocks are grown.

Choose Your Starter Method for Your Dreadlocks

To start dreadlocks, Afro-textured hair and Caucasian hair can be used. Afro-textured hair is the most useful when starting dreadlocks.  The common method to use when making dreadlocks for Caucasian hair is backcombing.  Asian hair is difficult when making dreadlocks because the hair is the straightest of all hair qualities.

There is a Need to Finish Dreadlocks with a Palm-Rolling Session

After finishing the starter method, you need to finish your dreadlocks with a palm-rolling session. The palm-rolling session helps to compact any loose hairs and each time you palm roll your dreadlocks, it will help them keep their shape.

You have to Dry your Hair using a Dryer

You need to sit under a dryer for a bit so that your hair will be dried completely. When drying your hair, you need to start from the front of your head and then move the dryer slowly towards the back.