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Choosing a Reputable Florist for Your Wedding

There are a few things that are never forgotten at a wedding. The wedding dress, wedding speeches and yes the flowers!

Flowers are important in every wedding and it makes a significant difference when you have a professional for this. The beauty that the flowers bring will be determined by the creativity, professionalism and the experience of the florist. Avoid those without physical addresses, unusual fees and have no track record.

Finding the Best Florist

As you search for the best florist, there are characteristics that will show you this is a reputable one. One is that they should offer a money-back guarantee, they should be easily contacted, they have blooms that you can choose from, and when you visit their store, the arrangement of … Continue Reading

Planning a Hen’s Party? Here are Some Sensational Ideas

Gone are the days when Hen’s Parties were just simple evenings when girls came together to wish one of their own a happy marriage. New trends have come up and girls are now embracing more ideas on how to make this special event even more memorable. If you are planning one, you are responsible for making it interesting and memorable for the benefit of all your girl attendees.

If you really want to take the hassle off yourself you should look for local options. For example, The Med Sydney throws a wicked Hens night party most Saturday nights in Sydney. All you need to do is a book in the number of people in your Hens group, choose your package and you are all sorted! … Continue Reading

Leave Remarkable Impressions with a Colored Gown

We are used to attending weddings where the bridegroom is white. Actually, most people have never attended a wedding where the bride is in a colored wedding gown. It is a tradition that can be changed without compromising anything. Despite this being a tradition and a symbol color for weddings, there are several advantages of choosing a colored gown.

·         The Wedding will be Unique

Surprise your guests with a unique color for the gown. Most people will expect to see you in a white one, but they will be awed by how glamorous you look in a different color. Future brides are always looking for inspiration and when yours is unique, they will be impressed and inspired to do the same.

·         It’s Easy to Match with Continue Reading

Wedding Anniversary – Why Hire a Limousine

That day you both exchanged that round metallic object called ring is a very memorable one. Round the cycle, that day is here again in another year and you want to get into celebration but you keep asking ‘why to hire a Limo?’. Many couples argue back and forth on why a Limo should be used during their wedding anniversary.

Of course, we all love and enjoy luxury but it all comes at a cost – in some cases, it could be very high. Maybe you are also contemplating why you should go for a limo during your wedding anniversary, here are some things that might interest you.

Re-creating the Wedding Memories

The memory of what happened on the first day of your wedding can … Continue Reading

These are the Things you should look for in a Wedding Videographer

Everything in a wedding should stand out from the décor, the food, the appearance of the couple and even the videos taken. To have your wedding recorded as it is, you should hire an experienced wedding videographer. There are some characteristics that you should look in one.

·         They should Have Sophisticated Cameras

Times have changed and although regular HD cameras are still in use, they are not the best for your wedding videography. You need clear and cinematic videos. You are paying good money to the videographer thus they should meet your expectations. Digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR cameras) are considered the best in this case as they have a digital imaging sensor.

·         They should be Experienced

You do not want to take chances with your videographer. … Continue Reading

Make Your Wedding Memorable with the Current Trends

As you plan your big day, one thing that is in your mind is that you want to make it memorable. You always want to have and see smiles whenever people talk about it. This is possible and one thing to ensure this is to follow the current wedding trends. You can learn about them on the internet or wedding magazines. What are some of the trends that are a must?

  • Use of Sophisticated Decors

Gone are the days that you had to use bright decors with colors such as yellow, orange, red and purple. Times have changed and the new trends in weddings are the use of metals and neutral palettes for decorations. Metals are used in candle stands and cutlery rather than having … Continue Reading

Acquiring The Best Caterer For Your Wedding – 6 Things To Know

You would not want food or drinks to brand you a miser or a loser after your wedding ceremony. While some couples would opt for venues offering catering services onsite, others would rather take the trickier option by personally hunting for vendors.

Contracting a competent caterer can soon become an overwhelming activity because those who show up at your reception deserves to be treated to delectable meals in the best professional way without you necessarily breaking the bank.

At this point, the dilemma would be between acquiring the best services and staying on budget. In case you are still struggling with this decision, here are some tips to help you choose the right caterer for your event:

  1. Personal Budgetary Considerations

First thing first, how much … Continue Reading


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