These are the Things you should look for in a Wedding Videographer

Everything in a wedding should stand out from the décor, the food, the appearance of the couple and even the videos taken. To have your wedding recorded as it is, you should hire an experienced wedding videographer. There are some characteristics that you should look in one.

·         They should Have Sophisticated Cameras

Times have changed and although regular HD cameras are still in use, they are not the best for your wedding videography. You need clear and cinematic videos. You are paying good money to the videographer thus they should meet your expectations. Digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR cameras) are considered the best in this case as they have a digital imaging sensor.

·         They should be Experienced

You do not want to take chances with your videographer. This is your big day and you will not have any other like that thus you should look for someone who is experienced. Experience means they have practiced and perfected the art and this does not mean they have taken videos for two weddings, they must have covered a minimum of 25 weddings per year. This should be proven.

·         How do They Manage Their Lighting?

Lighting is important when taking videos. A good videographer should have a backup and be able to manage with low light situations. Whether it is in church or at the reception, lighting should be among the priorities. This is important in every moment of the wedding. You can make sure that they have sufficient lighting equipment.

·         They will Advise

It’s crucial that you get to know on top of a quality video, how long the video length will be. You want every moment captured but you also do not want it to be too short or too long. Let the videographer know how long you would want it to be and they will advise what the best length is.

Make them Understand

Since this is your day and you have expectations on how it should turn out, you need to make the videographer understand what you want. From the lighting, the sound quality to what must captured, they should have this stated clearly. Also make them know that you do not want them to be obtrusive.

If the videographer covers more than 25 weddings every year, they have sophisticated equipment such as DSLR cameras and they understand your expectations, you can rest be assured that the wedding videos will meet your expectations. There are other things such as commitment and reliability that you should consider.


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