Planning a Hen’s Party? Here are Some Sensational Ideas

Gone are the days when Hen’s Parties were just simple evenings when girls came together to wish one of their own a happy marriage. New trends have come up and girls are now embracing more ideas on how to make this special event even more memorable. If you are planning one, you are responsible for making it interesting and memorable for the benefit of all your girl attendees.

If you really want to take the hassle off yourself you should look for local options. For example, The Med Sydney throws a wicked Hens night party most Saturday nights in Sydney. All you need to do is a book in the number of people in your Hens group, choose your package and you are all sorted! 

Of course, if you want to be more in control of your Hens night party then here are some other ideas to make it a standout.

Enjoy the Party on Wheels

Hiring a party bus that will fit in those in attendance is a unique way to celebrate the hen’s party. You do not have to book a venue for the event as there are limo party buses that will fit up to 25 guests. Take a trip around the city as you enjoy your drinks, snacks, and activities on board. This is a party venue on wheels. 

Hire a Belly Dancer

Belly dancing is fun and especially when there is a professional and everyone is involved. You can all take belly dancing lessons (the basic movements) for more fun. It’s a fun way to light up the event.

Spend the Day in a Spa

This is also another unique way to hold a hen’s party. The girls can book a spa and have it all to themselves relaxing and doing complete makeovers. Besides this, they can go swimming in a pool and have lunch together before going to an evening party for more fun.

Gather Some Hen’s Party Games

There are plenty of games that can be included and will involve everyone. For this option, have some games that are specifically meant for the bride which will also make her feel that the party is hers. This is a great way to make the event fun instead of having a boring one with just talks. 

Include a Chocolate Making Workshop

Most girls love chocolate and it’s even more fun when they have it together. You can include a chocolate-making workshop and each one of them creates their own tasty delicacies. This is fun when done together and an interesting activity for those doing it for the very first time. 

The idea of having a hen’s party is fascinating but if the day or night is not well planned with plenty of activities, it might end up being a boring one. Take the tips from this article and get creative with your own ideas too. Of course, you could always take the easy option of a local event too.


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