Acquiring The Best Caterer For Your Wedding – 6 Things To Know

You would not want food or drinks to brand you a miser or a loser after your wedding ceremony. While some couples would opt for venues offering catering services onsite, others would rather take the trickier option by personally hunting for vendors.

Contracting a competent caterer can soon become an overwhelming activity because those who show up at your reception deserves to be treated to delectable meals in the best professional way without you necessarily breaking the bank.

At this point, the dilemma would be between acquiring the best services and staying on budget. In case you are still struggling with this decision, here are some tips to help you choose the right caterer for your event:

  1. Personal Budgetary Considerations

First thing first, how much do you have to spend? Your budget plays a huge role in the selection process. Until you are certain of your spending power, do not contact any caterer.

Your budget will also help inform a caterer’s decision.  “Will a buffet or family-style setting work for my client?” What sort of menu will suit your budget!

2. Make your table a bids bay

As much as you would love that the best of meals be served at your reception, it is expedient that you do such in the best possible manner. Having decided on a potential budget, the next thing is to email multiple vendors and request for a quote.

Take a step ahead by juxtaposing the price quotes received from all contacted caterers. Seek suggestions from friends, colleagues, and recently wedded couples within your reach. Overall, ensure that your picks are subjected to adequate scrutiny – don’t just be in it alone.

3.Arrange for tastings/Check the food out

Who pays for service he has not checked out! While some caterers host low-cost dinners for intending clients, some mark their presence at expos, giving opportunities for prospective clients to assess them.

And there are some caterers that are cool with giving you the opportunity to check the food out at fair prices before you make bookings. Whichever is convenient for you and your intending caterer, make sure you arrange for an early mini tasting session before sealing the contract.

4.Menu List Flexibility

Imagine that there will be a sudden increase in the number of invitees for whatever reason, and of course, all sorts of persons will be attending the ceremony. This may even be worsened by a late awareness on your part. A professional caterer should be able to help you out on this.

Consider also that some of the people you will be hosting may be allergic to some foods or some of them have preferences premised on religious or dietary requirements. Make sure your caterer is flexible enough to gratify everyone.

5. Check Service Delivery Reviews

Do not let your personal stance on a particular caterer completely inform your choice. Everyone tends to increase their standard when they know they are being watched. Your caterer may have done extraordinarily well during the mini tasting.

Instead of going ahead to contract such caterer based on your assessment only, it is good practice to check out what others have to say about your preferred candidate. See if their reviews corroborate your personal experience.

6. Go after professionalism, class, and stylish presentation

As they say, punctuality is the soul of business, let me add to it that professionalism is the spirit thereof. The satisfying power of a meal extends beyond how it was heaped in the plate or the courtesy expressed in serving. Who would not salivate for food offered in dinner wares that are second to none?

Plus, you are treated to a kingly service. Before choosing a caterer, make sure you are satisfied with the choice of wares he/she is choosing for you. Ensure that your preferred vendor is punctual and professional about their business. In addition, see to it that your caterer exercises utmost hygiene in service delivery.


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